Friday, August 9, 2019

Xiaomi portable Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer,Launching date,Price,Specifications

Xiamoi launching another cool pocket-size printer, After launching XPRINT Wireless Bluetooth AR Photo Printer, Which Called Xiaomi portable Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer. This is a great device to use anywhere like a live photoshoot,u can use it for ATM, Also u can print quickly anything from your mobile anywhere, We have wright something about the device in bellow.

Xiaomi portable Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer Comes With 86 x 73 x 39 MM 
very small size product,, you can hold it to your pocket easily, It is an ideal device for fast and easy prints of your mobile phone photos. The printer comes with a black and white design which makes the product look more premium. The Printer is only 165 Gm Lightweight,

Xiaomi portable Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer Comes With 900mAh lithium battery that can withstand printing of 8 rolls of paper in only 2 hours of charging. The best thing about this printer which we like there nothing needs to put any ink in this printer,, and that's save for us lots of money. The Device also can be connected to the smartphone wirelessly, exploiting Bluetooth. That's why you don't need to find Any Cyber Cafe If u here is an unknown place.


Xiaomi portable Youdao Memobird G4 pocket printer Pice is currently had ( only in China) is 299 yuan, equal to approximately 38 euros. in INDIAN Currency it is approximately 3000 Rupes we expected.AS based on the product, with product facilities This is a very cheap price to take this product our self, we recommend this product very much, and we also waiting for the product coming to INDIA.


NOTE the Product information WE provided Which we find from some of the ways, it will maybe not 100% accurate WE write, but it is possible to be accurate. 


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