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Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Phone Watch 3,Review,Specifications,Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Phone Watch 3

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3c comes with a host of interesting features. To start with, it features dual 4G LTE support,Hd Amoled display,Hd Camera, Curved 2.5 D glass and there is a nano SIM slot as well. This allows to make a call and send a voice message at the same time. The smartwatch is quite lightweight.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3c has just unveiled a smartwatch for kids. It is called Mi Bunny Watch 3 and comes with Dual 4G LTE support and a nano-SIM slot. It is incredibly light, just 51 grams, has an AMOLED screen a 2 MP HD camera. The watch can be also paired with a dedicated app, which can be used to locate the child’s exact location. This will help parents to ensure child safety as the app offers a setting where the parents will be notified if the kid goes out of a preset safety zone. On the battery front, it offers 30 hours of charges and can be charged in 50 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3c comes with AMOLED high-definition touch-screen. The Brilliant - high-definition color screen display screen with the additional realistic and vivid for our eyes. The self-luminous AMOLED screen for this watch can effectively reduce the harmful blue light and irritating light on the development of children's glasses. The 2.5D curved glass which is more ergonomic.screen resolution of 320 x 360 pixels.The screen is protected with 2.5D curved glass along with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Watch 3c is already up for sale in China via the official online store. Xiaomi says that it will also be available from all major Chinese e-commerce platforms including Tmall, JD, Suning, and more. Children watch comes with two color options, Blue and Pinkthe Mi Bunny Watch 3 4G supports IPX7 waterproofing. The strap is made from food-grade skin-friendly hypoallergic TPU material, which is comfortable to wear and won’t result in any kind of skin allergies.

The watch can Stay about 30 hours before needing a charge, which may not seem impressive compared to other wearables, however most people have a habit of charging their devices every night.

The Xiaomi Mi Bunny Children Phone Watch 3c is priced at 599 yuan (approx Rs 6,000). The Mi Bunny Children Phone Watch 2c was launched at 199 yuan (approx INDIAN Rs 2,000).


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